Midnight Musings — When did I grow up?

Photo of a grown up woman and a child walking on a beach towards the sun
Photo by Chema Photo on Unsplash

I met with some of my old school friends today. It was nice talking to them, jogging down the memory lane, laughing on past incidents, reminiscing the school and college days that were carefree and joyous. Now it seems almost unbelievable of how fast it all got over. It seems like yesterday only that I was a scrawny teenager with a bag full of books, a laptop, a mini drafter, paper holder, tiffin box, some loose change, and with umpteen aspirations that I stepped into my college. What seemed so ardent at that time, the 4 years of engineering with innumerous exams, tests, vivas, practicals, quizzes, extra curricular activities, gossips, frienships, first crush, love, heartbreaks, internships, first job interview, now seems like it all went by like a flash.

Cut to the present where now we are in a different time of our life, talking about plans for the future, moving up in the career ladder, investing money in the market, buying a house, a car, starting a family with their spouse. It all seems so incredible. Time teaches you to grow.