He paused, staring directly at her. Finally he spoke, "Where were you last night? An accident happened yesterday."
Palak replied, " Oh really, I was at a club. Had a blind date with this really cute guy named-"
"I was worried, I called you so many times, why didn’t you pick up?", he said.
"I told you I was with Rohan. Couldn’t pick up.", Palak irritatingly replied. “What happened though?", she asked.

21st January, 2018
Palak was heading to home from a club. It was late. All shops were closed. The street was empty. A dead pan silence. Only the sound of heels clicking as Palak walked by.
She felt uneasy. She looked at the watch. It was quarter past midnight. Her phone started ringing. It was Rohan. She cut it and kept it back in the pocket. She was about to reach home, when she heared footsteps. Her heartbeat increased. She quickened her pace. The footsteps behind her increased their pace too. It was inching closer.
She pulled the knife from her purse when she was spunaround to be face to face to a woman.
Call Rohan, the woman said and disappeared. Before she could fathom the meaning, she felt a strong pain in her abdomen. She was bleeding profusely. She was stabbed.

Her phone rang. It was Rohan. Before she could answer, it was snatched away and soon broken to pieces. As was she.


22nd January, 2018
A woman, 25, working in a MNC was brutally raped and stabbed to death on Sunday in Bangalore, as she walked back to home from a club nearby. Police has found a knife near her dumped body. A case has been filed.

Her fiance, Rohan is under a shock. Reportedly, he called her multiple times during the incident. The suspect is yet to be caught.

Present day
"You have to learn to let it go. It wasn’t your fault.", said the doctor.
"Yes it was my fault. We were at the club, celebrating our one month anniversary, that’s where I first met her. Only If I had dropped her home and stopped her from going her on her own, she would have been alive today."

"Tell me about your recurring dreams of her", doctor asked.
Rohan sighed and narrated what he had dreamed last night.

Web developer. Bibliophile. Amateur writer. Has a dream to write a bestselling book one day.

Web developer. Bibliophile. Amateur writer. Has a dream to write a bestselling book one day.