Caffeine, Code and Cheerios

I swiped my ID card and entered office. It was a usual day, people glued to their monitors, furiously typing on the keyboard to make these dull machines alive. Some of them were busy talking on the phone, while some chatted to one another over a cup of coffee. I turned on my computer and checked for mails. I completed the pending work. I formatted the computer, cleaned my desk and was all set to go except for one thing. This is going to be tough, I thought to myself.

I gave my resignation 2 weeks back and that day was my last day. I walked over to the nearby cubicles to talk to my colleagues. I bid adieu to everyone in my team. What seemed till now an arduous task, i.e. talking to other people, surprisingly it turned out to be really simple. I chatted a bit with everyone. They asked me why am I leaving. I told them that I'll be joining another company. Everyone seemed nice and easy to talk to. I wonder why all these months I found it difficult to converse with them. I handed over my badge and keys to security and left.

I boarded a metro train heading back to home. I felt a bit heavier. Why the endings are always melancholic?

It was dusk. I could see sun setting from the train’s window. It looked beautiful. The train halted at my station. I stepped down. I started walking, looking forward to the new journey ahead.

Web developer. Bibliophile. Amateur writer. Has a dream to write a bestselling book one day.

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