BFFFs — Best Facebook Friends Forever

Ting. My phone buzzed again. 92 likes and 20 comments in under ten minutes on a throwback photo I posted on facebook. It read ‘Chilling in Goa with my best buds’ and tagged in that photo were the three musketeers — Kajal, Meghna and me.

Exactly three years ago, 25th August 2015

Today is a very special day. I am going on a road trip to Goa with my best friends on my birthday. They had been planning this trip for a long time. When they told me to pack my bags a day before, I thought it was a joke. But the next morning they stood waiting in a car under my building with their bags packed. And I hurriedly got ready and stuffed whatever clothes I could find and raced to the car. We didn’t realize how quickly our one week trip ended as we repacked our bags for return journey.

Present day

My phone rang. “Thanks Ma. I am fine. I am..with Kajal and Meghna. They brought me cake. Ma I’ll call you later”, I cut the call as I couldn’t keep up the lie anymore. The notification on my phone read — two likes on our photo from Kajal Sharma and Meghna Bajaj.

I smirked a little. When did my best friends become just my facebook friends, I couldn’t figure. Time changes people. I thought to myself.

Ting. Another notification. Kajal was tagged in a photo that read — hanging with my best pals and tagged in it were two of her friends — Sapna and Sakshi.

I sighed. I liked her photo and scrolled ahead.

Web developer. Bibliophile. Amateur writer. Has a dream to write a bestselling book one day.

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