Photo of a grown up woman and a child walking on a beach towards the sun
Photo of a grown up woman and a child walking on a beach towards the sun
Photo by Chema Photo on Unsplash

I met with some of my old school friends today. It was nice talking to them, jogging down the memory lane, laughing on past incidents, reminiscing the school and college days that were carefree and joyous. Now it seems almost unbelievable of how fast it all got over. It seems like yesterday only that I was a scrawny teenager with a bag full of books, a laptop, a mini drafter, paper holder, tiffin box, some loose change, and with umpteen aspirations that I stepped into my college. …

picture of an empty page on a notepad and a pen held by a woman
picture of an empty page on a notepad and a pen held by a woman
Photo by Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

“Life is what happens to us while we are making other plans.”
Allen Saunders

Usually I have so many things to say and all throughout the day I read about some amazing, some horrifying things, like a million dollar prize problem that has been unsolved for decades, the Hodge Conjecture, explained in a very simple way catered to non-mathematicans.

Then one very sad, gruesome yet true murder story about a child actress who was brutally murdered along with her mother by her own father, Judith Eva Barsi.

A bravery tale of one such cadet Amit Raj who gallantly rescued…

Credits — twitter @dinoman_j

I am an introvert. And I hate (also love) socializing. Let me clarify. A small group of 2–3 people is fine. I can handle that. But a large group having 10s and 20 people just make me plain nervous. I feel like everyone is watching me and I have to behave and act a certain way in order to not be judged. As I move across the room, I can see their eyelids following me till I settle down. And I do the same thing when someone else walks in. …

It is 3’o clock in the night. A man in his inebriated state was walking down the street humming to himself as he walked. He frequently paused to chug from the beer bottle he’s holding. Abruptly he stopped walking, and rushed to the side of the road to take a leak. He continued to hum as he peed when he heard a dog barking at him.

He turned his head halfway to the dog, cursed it and threw the beer bottle from one hand aiming at it’s head, albeit nearly missing it. The dog ran away, and he turned his…

There is a complete silence in the street. It is 2:30 in the morning. No sign of any mortal except for a woman in a black saree standing on the balcony of her apartment on 10th floor. She stood there for a few mintues as if a statue. She murmered something to herself, closed her eyes and jumped. Only seconds later, a loud thud is heared. The guard of the building came running to the spot to see her body covered in blood. He immediately ran inside to call for help, but the woman had already died.

Two Months After-

Ting. My phone buzzed again. 92 likes and 20 comments in under ten minutes on a throwback photo I posted on facebook. It read ‘Chilling in Goa with my best buds’ and tagged in that photo were the three musketeers — Kajal, Meghna and me.

Exactly three years ago, 25th August 2015

Today is a very special day. I am going on a road trip to Goa with my best friends on my birthday. They had been planning this trip for a long time. When they told me to pack my bags a day before, I thought it was a…

“Get up now, otherwise you’ll be late for school”, a woman shouted from kitchen while hastily preparing lunch for her husband and her son.

“Why are you shouting, let him sleep a bit more. We were up all night. I was working on my presentation while he was finishing his environment project”, said the man without taking his eyes off the newspaper. It had an alarming headline -

“Red alert in Idukki and several districts of Kerala, India . Heavy rainfalls may cause floodlike situation.”

“You listen to me Mister, I will not drop him to school if he is…

“What’s your biggest fear?”, she asked the man holding the bloody knife.

“Waking up next to the ones I’ve killed”, he replied.

“Why don’t you stop then?”, she asked.

“I can’t, even if I did, the ones which are dead, they’ll haunt me forever.”

“Pray, it helps”, girl answered.

“Did it help you?”, he asked her

“It doesn’t help those who are already dead”, girl said as she floated towards him.

He trembled with fear, his knife fell down. “Who are you?”, he frightenedly asked.

“I am the one who is going to kill you in the next minute…”, and she laughed.

The man tried to escape, but it was too late. He was grabbed from the neck by the girl. He started to choke. And before he knew, a white light appeared.

“And CUT..”, director shouted.

He paused, staring directly at her. Finally he spoke, "Where were you last night? An accident happened yesterday."
Palak replied, " Oh really, I was at a club. Had a blind date with this really cute guy named-"
"I was worried, I called you so many times, why didn’t you pick up?", he said.
"I told you I was with Rohan. Couldn’t pick up.", Palak irritatingly replied. “What happened though?", she asked.

21st January, 2018
Palak was heading to home from a club. It was late. All shops were closed. The street was empty. A dead pan silence. Only the sound…

I swiped my ID card and entered office. It was a usual day, people glued to their monitors, furiously typing on the keyboard to make these dull machines alive. Some of them were busy talking on the phone, while some chatted to one another over a cup of coffee. I turned on my computer and checked for mails. I completed the pending work. I formatted the computer, cleaned my desk and was all set to go except for one thing. This is going to be tough, I thought to myself.

I gave my resignation 2 weeks back and that day…

Surbhi Bhattar

Web developer. Bibliophile. Amateur writer. Has a dream to write a bestselling book one day.

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